How to create an asset allocation reporting set

Located under the Home tab, Settings, Portfolio Accounting System Settings area, the Asset Allocation Reporting Sets option allows you to create user-defined Asset Class Sets for reporting purposes.

  1. From the Settings page, click on Asset Allocation Reporting Sets from the Portfolio Accounting System Settings area.

  2. Click the New button located in the bottom left-hand corner.

  3. Type a descriptive name for the new set in the Name of asset class set box.

  4. Select one of the pre-defined reporting sets to use as a starting point for the new set. Choose from Morningstar Basic, Morningstar Consolidated, or Morningstar Expanded.

  5. Click OK to return to the Asset Allocation Reporting Set dialog box.

  6. In the window in the middle of the screen is a list of asset classes. This list is based on the pre-defined reporting set you selected earlier. To add a new asset class to this list, click Add. The Add Asset Classes dialog box appears.

  7. Note the Available Records box and the Selected Records box. Locate the asset class you wish to add within Available Records. Click on that asset class to highlight it, then click Add. The asset class now appears in the Selected Records area.

  8. You can also change the order in which these asset classes are listed in Current vs. Model or Current vs. Target Asset Allocation reports. To change location of an asset class within the set, highlight the asset class in the list and use the up or down arrow to adjust its position.

  9. When you have added every asset class you wish to include, click OK to close the Add Asset Classes dialog box.

  10. When you are satisfied with the composition of the asset allocation reporting set, click Save + Close on the Asset Allocation Reporting Set dialog box.