Welcome to Morningstar Office

Morningstar Office is Morningstar's Web-based solution for financial advisors. It brings together the best of our capabilities in investment research, portfolio accounting, and client communications.

In this Getting Started area, we've included a few topics to get you right into the product: Creating a client, Creating a quick account, and Creating a transactional account.  

Using this Help system

When you click any Help button or link from any dialog box, you’ll pull up instructions for that specific dialog box.

In addition, if you click the Help menu, click Show, then click Contents/Index, you can find explanations of the many features, definitions of terms, and tips to guide you through the program's basic functionality.

The main components of the help system are:

Tips for using online help:

Antenna House, Inc.

This product includes software developed by Antenna House, Inc.

Morningstar Office uses formatting technologies developed by Antenna House to display parts of some reports.

For more information, visit: www.antennahouse.com